Be Holi Ready with Winston

Be Holi Ready with Winston

Holi, the springtime festival of colours, is here at last. Holi is the constantly jubilant celebration of colours, where everyone enjoys themselves to the fullest. Yet, it's crucial that you also guard yourself from poisonous colours while you mentally get ready to be showered in colour by family and friends.

It was traditionally played with organic colours made from flowers and herbs. Holi is currently celebrated using toxic, damaging, and artificial colours that can damage skin and hair after the festival. The time when flowers and plants were used to create colours is long past. It only seems logical that we protect our skin and hair from any harm while playing Holi as organic colours are difficult to get.

You Should Not Miss Pre-Holi Oiling

Shield your hair and body with oilassage. To enhance the oil's absorption into your scalp, apply oil to your hair about an hour before playing Holi. By keeping the colour from setting into your hair, oil makes it easier to take the colour out afterwards. The same goes for your body. Also, it serves as a screen, shielding your hair and body from chemicals and damage these colors can done to your skin and scalp.

Also, you can massage the oil in your hair with the help of Winston LED Comb. The LED comb has 3 massaging modes which will help improving the oil's absorption while shielding the hair follicles from damaging holi colours. Also, you can fight after-holi affects with this LED Comb. The red light will fight damage and blue light of the LED comb calms and soothes the scalp to give you hair a reviving experience.

After Holi-Cleansing Is Must

You skin had a good color party, now it's time for some after-care. Use a foamy face wash that is good for eliminating excess oil, colour, and dirt from your skin. It is practically hard to remove the holi colours from your skin after a wild holi party while maintaining a decent texture. Adding a cleansing tool can help to gently exfoliate the skin. Skin irritation can also result from excessive exfoliating.

Use Winston Facial Cleanser which gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin from deep within, ideal for every skin type. Added to this, avoid using warm water to cleanse off the colours on your skin. Instead use cold water as it easily wash off the colours.

Give Your Skin A Pampering Facial Care    

Due to sun and colour exposure, your skin might get dried. So after cleansing, it's time to give your skin a pampering toning and moisturizing treat. Your skin can retain the moisture that was lost during the enjoyable party you just attended by applying a thick layer of moisturiser. Look for a moisturiser and toner with calming ingredients like aloe vera, honey and oatmeal.

Along with that, use LED face masks for the better penetration of ingredients of the skin treats you're applying. It will help you to get clean and hydrated skin post-holi.

Have a blast this Holi! Do not forget to protect your skin and hair from the harmful colours.

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