Top 5 Winter Hair Care Tips to Follow

Top 5 Winter Hair Care Tips to Follow

Temperature is falling but our hopes to enjoy this cosy season more this time are getting higher. Some of you must be planning to buy those cosy jackets, hot soft blankets, cool boots and some of you must be hunting ways to protect your hair from harsh cool winds. Here, we can help you with some winter hair care tips that you can easily take control of with an easy and best hair care routine.


Low temperatures and cold winds can make this chill weather a dreadful period for your hair. It not only can snatch away the moisture of your hair but can affect your hair in multiple ways too. However, you can fight these chilly concerns by tweaking your hair care routine to the extent that they can adapt to the changing temperatures. You can do this easily by following some easy hair care tips. 

Some Top Hair Care Tips That Can Help You Out

Tip 1: A Big Yes to Regular Oiling


You must have heard from your mother or grandmother multiple times to oil your hair regularly and you could have ignored this advice like nothing matters. However, this is the key to that smooth, shiny, heavy and healthy hair you ever wanted. In winters, it’s even more important to offer this oily goodness to our long strands. This is because winter affects the moisture of your hair very much that may lead to dandruff, scalp irritation, flakiness and much more. So oiling your hair helps to bring back the lost moisture of your hair. 

Also you can opt for a hair scalp massager that will help in deep penetration of oil, improves blood circulation and nourishes the hair follicles. You can get all, with some more amazing benefits from LED Hair Growth Therapy Massaging Comb. It’s one of the must-haves for a regular hair care routine, especially when you want a scalp massager for hair growth purposes. It comes with blue and red LED light modes that work effectively on healthy hair growth, dandruff control, and reducing itchiness and flakiness. Not only this, LED light massager also adapts different massaging modes that will help you to relax while boosting blood circulation.

Tip 2: Just Don’t Wash It Wrongly

Way of washing plays a very crucial role in hair care. Just having an ounce of shampoo on your hair twice a week will not help you out to deal with your hair problems. You have to change your hair washing habits. First of all, you have to avoid frequent hair washes as this strips off the natural oil of your hair which eventually causes more dryness and flakiness. Make sure not to wash your hair more than twice a week to maintain the natural moisture balance. 

Secondly, do you think scratching your scalp with your fingers is just enough to exfoliate all impurities? Not at all, you need an effective yet gentle helper to exfoliate away dead skin and product buildup. Scalp massaging shampoo brush or scalp massager is the perfect solution for this. It not only thoroughly rinses the products from your hair along with all the impurities but also helps in proper application and deep penetration of products. It will help you get product directly to the roots which will help to draw the benefits to its best.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget to Condition

You’ve washed away all the impurities from your hair properly but what about pampering and protecting them? Do it with conditioning. Do not just storm out of the shower after showering, invest 5 minutes more and condition your hair. It’s an important part of winter hair care routine as it will moisturise your beautiful strands and protect the outermost layer of your hair while offering them smoothness and shine. 

You can also have deep conditioning once a week. Just get a hair mask ready for you every weekend or once a 15 days and take a step towards healthy hair. Take 2 egg yolks, 2 peeled bananas, 2-3 tablespoons of honey and 2 spoons of olive oil. Blend all the ingredients well until it converts into a proper mashed puree. Apply this pure on your hair fully, leave for 20-30 min, and then rinse with cold water. This mask will help you to deep condition, moisturise your hair while strengthening them. Other than this, you can just use coconut oil as your deep conditioner. Just use it in place of a conditioner. Start applying from mid lengths and move towards the ends. This is one of the amazing and easy solutions to moisturize and de-frizzing. You can also opt for other masks as per your hair needs. 

Tip 4: It’s Much More Than Washing

Do you think washing your hair the right way is just enough? No, not at all! You have to take care of them after washing too. You have to dry them up properly before stepping outside. This is because stepping out with wet hair or sleeping like this will do just worse for your hair. It will lead to excessive tangling that will eventually cause more hair breakage. 

Also, leaving your hair wet for too long will make those strands colder. Consequently, with hair breakage it will also let your hair color fade faster. However, rubbing your scalp harshly with a towel is also not a solution to dry them up. It will cause only more damage to your hair. So just  use a microfiber towel to dry your hair gently and before stepping out give your hair some time to dry. 

Tip 5: Comb Carefully 

In winter hair tends to tangle more but just to detangle them you don’t have to comb harshly. It’ll eventually cause more hair loss. The right way to comb and detangle your hair is to comb them from the middle of your length while gently moving towards downward. 

Also try to use a wide toothed comb to detangle. This will reduce strain on your scalp and minimise breakage. You can use a detangling spray if your hair tends to tangle like crazy. Divide your hair into smaller sections using your fingers and then comb them gently. 

Follow these winter hair care tips and experience the change in your hair yourself. Add some good hair care products to your vanity and help your hair to be managed and grow more beautifully. Helpers like hair massagers, hair exfoliators seem to be really small tools but can play a big role for your good hair goals. So this winter, let them not dry or lose their moisture, instead make them stronger and healthier.

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