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WINSTON 2 in 1 Face & Eyebrow Trimmer

WINSTON 2 in 1 Face & Eyebrow Trimmer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I switch from threading to an electric trimmer?

Electric trimmer offers quick, painless, and user-friendly hair removal. It allows easy removal, making it ideal for complete facial hair removal and touch ups on the go. With this, you can get rid of facial hair instantly and painlessly without even going to the salon every now and then. Just get it done within the comfort of your home.

How is Winston 2 in 1 face & eyebrow trimmer effective?

Winston 2 in 1 face & eyebrow trimmer comes with 3D cutting technology that erases hair by microscopically paring it down through a spinning cutter that takes 10000 revolutions per minute. Neatly and discreetly housed under the protective head, the rotating blades never touch delicate facial skin making it absolutely safe for your skin.

What are the main features of Winston 2 in 1 Face & Eyebrow Trimmer?

Winston 2 in 1 face & eyebrow trimmer comes with: 1 Eyebrow Trimming Head & 1 Facial Trimming Head, 3D Head Cutter, Rechargeable Mechanism, Lipstick-like Structure (easy to store), Easy to Use, Safe for All Skin Types.

Does Winston 2 in 1 Face & Eyebrow Trimmer pull out the hair by the root?

The 2 in 1 Face & Eyebrow Trimmer removes the hair from the skin surface while supporting the hair removal as short as 0.5 mm. As a result, you’ll not have any skin bumps or redness or irritation and hair removal will be absolutely painless.

Will my hair grow back thicker?

No, the hair growth will be normal (as earlier it was). The exact results will depend upon your hair type.

Is this 2 in 1 face & eyebrow trimmer waterproof?

This 2 in 1 face & eyebrow trimmer comes with waterproof heads. So after usage, you can wash the head for cleaning the trimmed hair from the head properly. Make sure not to wash the whole unit.

How to uninstall/change the head of the trimmer?

Pinch the part of the tool head and rotate counterclockwise to uninstall the head and to re-install (or to install another head), you can rotate the head similarly in clockwise direction.

Is there any warranty on the product?

All Winston products come with a 1 year doorstep replacement warranty. Visit the website and click on the warranty registration button displayed at the top menu bar to register your warranty. Check our refund policy here.

Customer Reviews

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Amrit Kaaur Ajjan
Very good

Thank you it’s must have product 🙏🏻 Thank U 🌹

Neelam Singh

WINSTON 2 in 1 Face & Eyebrow Trimmer

Avneet kaur

Very good


WINSTON 2 in 1 Face & Eyebrow Trimmer

Ritu Sandhu malik
Love the product

Thank you for this i always pluck my chin hairs with plucker and now it is so easy to get rid of it ,best partis it is painless ❤️👍