WINSTON Eyebrow Trimmer for Painless Hair Removal with Rechargeable Battery Operation for Women

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  • Eyebrow Trimmer FAQs
  • Description

  • Get perfectly shaped eyebrows anywhere, anytime with Winston Pen-shaped Eyebrow Trimmer. It is a safe and comfortable hair removal device that provides gentle painless hair removal in just one stroke. On one hand, the facial remover’s cutting head with 3D cutting technology fits the contours of your face while gently gliding over your skin to trim hair effortlessly. On the other hand, it has a comfortable grip that allows you to hold it easily and trim your hair more appropriately.

    Painless Operation 3D Cutting Technology Pen-shaped One Click Usage Rechargeable Hassle-free 1 Year Doorstep Replacement Warranty


    Painless hair removal Effortless eyebrow shaping Precise results Allows shaping eyebrows anywhere, anytime Safe for all skin types
  • Eyebrow Trimmer FAQs
  • Question: How do I use the Winston eyebrow trimmer? 

    Answer: Find out here how to use your Winston eyebrow trimmer to remove hair.  

    Instructions to use 

    • Place the trimming head gently on the skin and move it slowly against the direction of the hair growth. 
    • Make sure that the trimming head is in complete contact with the skin. 
    • Try stretching your skin with your free hand, so the hair stands up and are easily reached.
    • Apply gentle pressure and make small movements on small areas.

    Question: How do I clean my Winston eyebrow trimmer? 

    Answer: For optimum performance of your Winston eyebrow trimmer, it is important to clean the product after each use. You can easily clean it by using the cleaning brush and also you can wash its head. This appliance is not washable. Never immerse the handle in water and do not rinse it under the tap. Do not use corrosive detergents, scouring pads or cloths, petrol, acetone etc. to clean the trimmer. 


    Question: Can I carry Winston eyebrow trimmer while travelling? 

    Answer: Yes, it is manufactured in a way that it looks like a beautiful cosmetic –something you would be proud to carry in your cosmetic bag. Winston eyebrow trimmer is very handy and easily portable device. It is safe and secure to carry and use it. You can carry and use it while travelling also. 


    Question: Does Winston eyebrow trimmer shave the hair or pull it out by the root? 

    Answer: The revolutionary technology used in Winston eyebrow trimmer erases hair by microscopically paring it down through a spinning head. Dermatologist approved, Winston eyebrow trimmer is not a laser, hot wire, epilator, or razor. It is safe on all skin types and tones. 


    Question: Will my hair grow back thicker? 

    Answer: No, unwanted hair will NOT grow back thicker. 


    Question: How can I know that device is charging? 

    Answer: A red light comes up, as soon as the charging starts. 


    Question: Is it a Painless hair removal process? 

    Answer: Yes, the product is designed in a way to give you smooth and painless hair removal experience. 


    Question: What’s in the box? 

    Answer: You’ll receive the device, a charging cable, and Instruction manual.

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