WINSTON Callus Remover with Free Foot Cream

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  • Description
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    Why should I switch from manual callus remover to electric callus remover?

    Electric callus remover is the fastest way to remove those hard thick calluses without spending hours of energy like manual callus removers. Also, electric callus remover works by gently sanding away layers of dead, hardened skin with its powerful rotating, gritty head that gently softens your feet without increasing any odds of injury.

    How is this callus remover effective?

    Winston Callus Remover is an innovative device created to smooth dry, rough and calloused skin on the feet. The unique rollers spin 360 degrees, at an amazing speed of 40 times per second while gently and effectively buffing away hard, jagged skin on the heels. It works faster and is safer than metal scrapers, with no blades to cut the skin, and is also easier to use than other methods that require constant rubbing to achieve results. It is rechargeable and designed to fit comfortably in your hands. Achieving smooth, silky feet have never been easier!

    What are the main features of Winston Callus Remover?

    Winston callus remover comes with: Fine & Coarse Rollers, 2 Speed Modes, Rechargeable Design, Easy to Use, Safe for All Skin Types.

    How many rollers come with this callus remover and what are they used for?

    Winston callus remover comes with 2 buffing rollers. You can use coarse roller for dealing with old, hard, thick calluses while fine roller is perfect for daily foot care. Both of the rollers are made to offer you gentle care while giving salon-like pedicure dead skin removal experience at home.

    Is this callus remover safe to use?

    This callus remover comes with powerful buffing rollers which spin 360 degrees at an amazing speed of 40 times per second and is absolutely safer than metal scrapers, with no blades to cut the skin, and is also easier to use than other methods that require constant rubbing to achieve results.

    What is the battery life of Winston callus remover?

    Our callus remover comes with a lithium ion battery and it can be used for 60 minutes after a full charge.

    Is this callus remover waterproof?

    This callus remover comes with waterproof rollers. So after usage, you can wash the rollers for effective cleansing. Make sure not to wash the whole unit.

  • Callus Remover FAQs
  • Question: Why buy Winston callus remover? 


    • Specially designed roller head with long lasting micro abrasive particles ensures effortless results. 
    • Ergonomically designed lightweight soft-touch handle for an effortless pedicure at home in minutes. 
    • Two levels speed design makes operation simpler. 
    • Safe to use causes no cuts or roughness while using. 

    Question: How to use Winston callus remover? 


    • Gently glide the coarse roller head over hard skin and gradually exfoliate. 
    • Use the fine roller to buff away the unwanted skin effectively and gently. 


    Question: What does Winston callus remover offers? 

    Answer: It offers cleansing functionality. It is equipped with cleanable rollers. It is designed for convenient 360' rotation running and wide angle use. The Coarse roller allows getting rid of hard skin with great convenience and Fine rollers to buff away the unwanted skin gently yet effectively. The great design, it helps you to smoothen the dry and rough skin that appear on the most difficult parts of your feet to reach. 


    Question: What’s in the Box? 

    Answer: You’ll receive the device, 1 coarse roller, 1 fine roller, a charging cable, a cleaning brush and an Instruction manual. 

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