WINSTON Hair Curling Tong (25mm Curling Barrel)

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    How is Winston hair curling tong effective?

    Winston hair curling tong has a tourmaline heated barrel, which applies controlled heat to reshape the hair's protein structure temporarily. By wrapping sections of hair around the barrel and allowing them to cool, the curls are set in place, resulting in various curl styles that can last longer than natural curls.

    I should choose a hair curling tong or a hair curling wand?

    Choose a hair curling tong if you prefer defined curls and are new to curling hair, as the clamp provides better control and helps you get perfect curls easily. However, if you're experienced and desire more natural, free-flowing waves, a hair curling wand is better, offering flexibility in creating varied textures without a clamp's constraints. Your decision should align with your skill level and the specific curl style you're aiming for.

    What are the features of Winston hair curling tong?

    Winston hair curling tong comes with: Tourmaline Plates, Multiple Temperature Control, LCD Temperature Display, 60 Min Auto Shut-off, PTC Fast Heating Element, 360° Swivel Cord, Safety Stand

    How are tourmaline plates effective?

    Tourmaline plates are preferred for their rapid and even heat distribution, making them effective for various hair types and textures. Their durability, smooth glide, and ability to emit negative ions reduce frizz and provide a sleek finish, but it's essential to use them at the right temperature to avoid potential hair damage.

    Is there any warranty on the product?

    All Winston products come with a 1 year doorstep replacement warranty. Visit the website and click on the warranty registration button displayed at the top menu bar to register your warranty. Check our refund policy. here

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