Spa-Like Pedicure at Home: Winston Callus Remover 

Spa-Like Pedicure at Home: Winston Callus Remover 

Sometimes we often tend to neglect our feet and fail to find time to give them the pampering that's needed. It has various repercussions that can affect & hurt our feet in turn. This happens because lack of care can turn your feet dull, dry and cracked even before you know it!  

Especially winter dryness is a major factor that causes the heels to crack. Dust, dirt and improper nutrition are other factors that affect one’s foot health. It is imperative to pay special attention to your skin especially during the winter season. But with a busy life schedule, it's often a hassle to find time for oneself or head for a spa appointment.  

And with the pandemic constantly surging every few months, going spas has become an activity that many are hesitant to engage in. 

Understanding these concerns of the consumers, Winston has introduced a gadget that is sure to solve all your worries & deliver genuine care to your feet! 

Everyone adores pretty feet! We all aspire to have clean, crack-free and healthy-looking feet. The age-old practice of scrubbing one's heels with pumice stone has been on the top of the charts but, the game-changer is here! Winston has recently introduced their brand’s new advent to make your feet prettier with a spa-like treatment in the comfort of your home. 


Winston Callus Remover is your go-to essential if you're looking for something super effective to get rid of that dull & dry skin and make your feet be the limelight. Its 360° rotary blades work through the trickiest areas of your heels, so you don't have to twist and turn and be a gymnast and let the Callus Remover do its job while you sit back and relax.  



It's a 100% safe gadget to have in your vanity. It works on USB charging and has an effective battery life that lasts long to avoid frequent charging. Its ergonomically designed body and sleek design make it super convenient for usage on your feet. 

This Callus Remover is intense care for the feet that helps to remove dull & dry skin and heals cracked heels to give you smooth and soft feet. It's easy to operate and it comes with long-lasting macro abrasive particles that assist in removing dead skin cells effectively.  


Take your pedicure game up a notch with Winston Callus Remover to take care of your feet & deliver effective & gorgeous results!  We guarantee, you wouldn't regret investing in this one!  

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