Personal Hygiene & a Healthy Diet

Personal Hygiene & a Healthy Diet

Personal Hygiene plays an important role in maintaining the health of your body. It’s well known within the medical and skincare communities that maintaining proper hygiene reaps twin benefits of overall health and it’s good for your skin as well. This is especially true if you have a weak immune system. 

Paying meticulous attention to your hygiene will also balance your mental health. Once you feel beautiful inside you will feel your most confident self outside and hygiene plays an important role in it.  

That can be achieved by personal hygiene and care of the skin and hair, as well as including, which enhance the quality of your skin and hair.  

An unhealthy diet also leads to poor health of your skin and hair. Similarly, poor mood and stress can also reflect on your appearance and natural beauty. For naturally beautiful skin and hair, you must stick to a beauty regime that reaps the benefits and gives you a natural glow.  


A few tips & tricks to follow 


Wash your hands regularly. Don’t forget to clean them, especially when you are touching your face. When you are outside, try to not touch your face. The reason is, even if you sanitize or clean your hands, there’s a good chance your hands might not be clean and have some dirt on them.  

We at Winston work diligently to ensure the deliverance of products that give you a pain-free and quick experience. Hair removal plays an important role in personal hygiene and our Epilator is just the product for that.  


It comes with a 3D cutting head that fits the contour of the body to give you smooth hairless results. It also cuts down on your salon tips which in today’s time is a clear exposure to the virus. 



Exfoliation & Excess Hair Removal 

Focus on exfoliation, it helps remove dirt from deep within. Ensure you exfoliate your face and lips regularly but not on an everyday basis that might leave a harsh effect on your skin.  


Personal hygiene also involves excess removal on facial areas such as eyebrows and upper lips. Our eyebrow trimmer gives a smooth finish and is gentle on your skin, embedded with German Technology 360° Rotary blades and a powerful motor to remove unwanted hair painlessly. 



Be mindful towards your personal care  

The female body goes through various hormonal changes, stick to a routine and be mindful of what you are applying to your face. Consult a dermatologist for face cleansers and moisturizers, they are the most trusted advisories you can have with medical knowledge for the same. 

Doing the simplest things can lead to a huge change. The key is to be conscious of your regimen and try to stick to it. No one but you can determine the functionality of your body, do it right.  

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