WINSTON Manual Scalp Massager

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    How is this scalp massager/shampoo brush effective?

    Winston Scalp Massager stimulates blood circulation, promoting hair growth, and exfoliating the scalp to remove dead skin cells and buildup. It aids in distributing shampoo evenly, deeply cleansing the scalp, and enhancing product absorption. Additionally, the relaxing massage sensation can reduce stress and contribute to a healthier, balanced scalp and improved hair texture.

    What are the main features of Winston Scalp Massager?

    Winston scalp massager comes with: Long Silicone Bristles, Toxin-free Material, Anti-slip Handle, Perfect for Both Wet & Dry Use, Ergonomic Design, Travel-friendly, Sturdy Built.

    How to use this scalp massager?

    Step 1: For wet use, apply some shampoo on your scalp. Step 2: Then use this shampoo brush to massage your scalp. Step 3: After use, wash your hair thoroughly.

    Can I carry the Winston scalp massager while traveling?

    Yes, this scalp massager is a handy and portable device and looks like a beautiful personal-care tool that easily and conveniently anywhere and everywhere.

    Is there any warranty on the product?

    All Winston products come with a 1 year doorstep replacement warranty. Visit the website and click on the warranty registration button displayed at the top menu bar to register your warranty. Check our refund policy here.