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Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I switch from manual brush to sonic electric toothbrush?

According to several studies and dentists, sonic electric toothbrush offer more efficient plaque removal and deeper cleaning due to its high-frequency vibrations. It reduces the effort required for effective brushing and is especially helpful for those with limited dexterity. The built-in timers and pressure sensors ensure proper brushing technique, potentially leading to improved oral hygiene and gum health.

How is Winston Sonic Electric Toothbrush effective? 

Winston electric toothbrush acts like a sonic protective wand for your teeth. It has a dual-action brush head that spins to clean between teeth, with charcoal bristles that move up and down to tackle plaque, reduce gingivitis, and massage your gums.

What is the role of Sonic technology? 

To eliminate dental plaque effectively, sonic technology uses gentle, high-speed vibrations to vibrate the toothbrush's bristles. Anywhere between 24000 and 28000 strokes per minute are made by the bristles while they vibrate, providing uncomplicated cleaning that is effective. 

What are the features of Winston Sonic Electric Toothbrush? 

Winston Sonic electric toothbrush comes with:  2 Modes (Clean & Soft) Soft Charcoal Bristles 24000-28000 strokes per minute IPX7 Waterproof  Ergonomic Design Travel-friendly Sturdy Built 

How does charcoal bristles make this toothbrush more effective? 

Charcoal bristles amplify the efficacy of a sonic electric toothbrush by leveraging charcoal's adsorptive nature to attract and remove surface stains, bacteria, and impurities from teeth. The high-frequency vibrations of the sonic brush enhance the bristles' cleaning action, resulting in a comprehensive and refreshed oral cleaning experience. 

Is this Sonic Electric Toothbrush rechargeable or operated with batteries? 

Winston Sonic electric toothbrush consists of an AAA battery which makes it more convenient to use anywhere and everywhere. 

How to replace the battery? 

1.Turn the battery cover anti-clockwise, to make the indicator line align at the arrow and pull out gently. 2.Insert a new AAA battery in accordance with the correct direction of anode and cathode. 3.Press on the battery cover to make the indicator line align at the arrow and turn it firmly clockwise so that the Battery cover indicator line aligns at the dot. 

How to use this Sonic Electric Toothbrush? 

Step 1: Wet the bristles and apply an appropriate amount of toothpaste. Place the toothbrush bristles against the teeth at a slight angle towards the gum line.  Step 2: Press the button you will have 2 options: for the first time to turn on clean mode, the second time to turn on soft mode,and the third time to turn off. Step 3: Press the power button, gently move the brush head slowly across the teeth in up and down motion. For one section, please brush 10 seconds each on the front, back and chewing surface. The brush will remind you of changing sections every 30 seconds by vibrating Step 4: The product will stop working after 2 minutes. After that, take the toothbrush out of your mouth, wash it, and then store it in a ventilated and dry place.

Can I use this electric toothbrush during the shower? 

Yes, Winston electric toothbrush comes with IPX7 waterproof design that makes it absolutely safe to use in the shower. 

Is there any warranty on the product?

All Winston products come with a 1 year doorstep replacement warranty. Visit the website and click on the warranty registration button displayed at the top menu bar to register your warranty. Check our refund policy here 

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Dimple .

Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Branded .. good condition

Actually, I have the doubt before I bought diz product but after I received It really it was amazing????

Its a good products

high quality and strengt

Very good product......

Best product for women and men.

It's a decent product you can go for.

Very simple, portable and does it's work well ??